GIDLGate-Induced Drain Leakage
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The higher porosity obtained, (82 [+ or -] 10)% from the scaffold obtained from 3 gidL chitosan solution and (65 [+ or -] 12)% from the scaffold obtained from 1 g/dL solution, is an agreement from what was observed by SEM, which corresponds to a sponge-like material.
Field effect diode instrument and link capacitor modeling was the first step in this research project," Jazayeri asserted.In the second step, they used the mentioned instrument as VGA and also active load in an automatic gain control system.According to Jazayeri, the reduction of short channel effects which mostly appear at small dimensions, DIBL phenomenon reduction, GIDL and Punch Through reduction, impurity atoms random oscillations reduction, power consumption reduction, chip surface area reduction, gain variation range extension in automatic gain control systems, and a hike in the system's speed by increasing frequency response are the results of this study.