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Fuente: elaborado por el Grupo de Investigacion en Desarrollo Regional (GIDR) con base en Consejo Nacional de Politica Economica y Social (Conpes) Social 091 (2005) y Documento Vision Colombia.
At midafternoon on 3 October, this force of 160 men, 19 aircraft, and 12 vehicles set out from their base at Mogadishu airport to "snatch and grab" two leaders of the local Habr Gidr clan from a target location only three miles from the base.
without warning included many innocent Habr Gidr elders, including some who had come to the meeting to argue against Aidid's continued violent tactics against the U.N.
The United States, in the form of the 450-man Task Force Ranger, was engaged in an undeclared guerrilla war with Aidid's Habr Gidr clan, and this was the task force's seventh such raid.
In January of 1991, Barre was defeated by General Mohammed Farah Aideed, leader of the Habr Gidr subclan and a product of Italian and Soviet military schooling, with Barre fleeing into exile in Nigeria.
As Aideed ruled south Mogadishu with his Somali National Alliance (SNA), where UN forces were concentrated, UNOSOM II pressed the Habr Gidr hard.
Este articulo esta inscrito en la linea de investigacion Pobreza y Desigualdad del Grupo de Investigacion en Desarrollo Regional (GIDR), y fue financiado por la Coordinacion Institucional de Investigaciones, de la Pontificia Universidad Javeriana Cali, de acuerdo con el Acta No.
Actualmente adelanta un proyecto con el Grupo de Investigacion (GIDR) de la Facultad de Ciencias Economicas de la Pontificia Universidad Javeriana titulado: "Servicios de Apoyo a los Hogares con hijos menores de 5 anos: Implicaciones para el desarrollo del mercado de trabajo local en las ciudades de Sevilla (Espana) y Cali (Colombia)".
"Farah believed the Americans had been duped into providing the muscle for UN Secretary General Boutros Boutros-Ghali, a longtime enemy of the Habr Gidr and clan leader General Mohamed Farrah Aidid," notes Bowden.
With the Security Council resolution against Aidid in place, the UN initiated an all-out war against the Habr Gidr clan.