GIDSGraded Intergenerational Disruption Scale (linguistics)
GIDSGatorade In-Car Drinking System (stock car racing)
GIDSGroningen Institute for Drug Studies (Netherlands)
GIDSGate Information Display System (airlines)
GIDSGlobal IP Directory Service
GIDSGrants Information Data System (database; Washington, DC)
GIDSGeneralized Intelligent Decision System
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And even it seemed that I too was not a reasonable creature, but only an animal tormented with some strange disorder in its brain which sent it to wander alone, like a sheep stricken with gid.
sir, what's the matter?"--"Matter!" quoth the squire, "here's a highwayman, I believe, who wants to rob and murder me--for he hath fallen upon me with that stick there in his hand, when I wish I may be d--n'd if I gid un the least provocation."
They asked him if he were insured; and whence he had stolen his anchor, because, they said, it belonged to the Carrie Pitman; they called his boat a mud-scow, and accused him of dumping garbage to frighten the fish; they offered to tow him and charge it to his wife; and one audacious youth slipped almost under the counter, smacked it with his open palm, and yelled: "Gid up, Buck!"
Some mental health services are reluctant to help children with gender issues and refer them to GIDS. But Dr Dubicka wants local services to be trained to do more.
GIDS describes Shahpar as a medium range tactical UAV System with autonomous take-off and landing.
Gen A(r) Tariq Jawaid, Director General, GIDS, Brig.
Hoewel die gids 'n hoofrol vertolk, is hierdie gids nie een wat die leser alles voorse en uitle nie en ook weet hoe om 'n geheim te bewaar.
Although any exact figure of increase in GIDS has not yet been estimated, analysts expect raising GIDS will impact fertilizer sector negatively and sector wide reduction in key margins may be witnessed.
She said referrals to the endocrinology liaison clinic come after assessment at the Tavistock by the mental health GIDS team.
I''m sure if you ask Ade Gardner he''ll tell you just how good it is to be playing outside Gids.
Die inleiding tot Van Patrys-hulle tot Hanna Hoekom stel dat hierdie gids poog om in 'n wesenlike leemte te voorsien: dit is die eerste enkele publikasie wat 'n substansiele geheeloorsig oor meer as 'n eeu se Afrikaanse kinder- en jeugliteratuur in al sy verskyningsvorme bied (p.
The airline now offers access to GIDS technology in 19 cities.