GIFASGroupement des Industries Françaises Aéronautiques et Spatiales (French aerospace industry group)
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Eric Trappier, the Chairman of GIFAS and Chairman of CIDEF (Council of French Defence Industries), has enlisted 60 French aerospace industrial companies for this outward mission to further French-Indian cooperation efforts.
paper aircraft also was raised by Jean-Paul Bechat, chairman of GIFAS, the French aeronautical and space industry association, representing 180 firms.
This article describes the attempts of the French aerospace industries association, GIFAS (Groupement des Industries Francaises Adronautiques et Spatiales), to circumvent the difficulties mentioned above by developing a controlled French, le francais rationalise, with the double aim of allowing easy translation into AECMA SE and improving readability for native French speakers.
In the public areas various power connections are provided, the outdoor area also has a GIFAS distributor.
ABC is a member of GIFAS (French Aerospace Industries Association) and a partner of well-know aerospace companies like EADS Group : Airbus, eurocopter, Airbus Military .
These partners comprise: GIFAS (French Aerospace Industries Association), UIMM MP (Union of Metallurgical Industries and Professions-Midi-Pyrenees region), CCI Toulouse (Toulouse Chamber of Commerce and Industry), Pacte PME (SME Pact), and MEDEF Midi-Pyrenees (French Employers Association).