GIFIGrupo de Investigación en Familia e Infancia (Spanish: Family and Childhood Research Group; University of Oviedo; Oviedo, Spain)
GIFIGulf Island Fabrication, Inc. (est. 1985; Houma, LA)
GIFIGruppo Imprese Fotovoltaiche Italiane (Italian: Italian Photovoltaic Firms Group)
GIFIGeneral Index of Financial Information (Canada)
GIFIGlobal Income Fund, Inc. (various locations)
GIFIGet in Where You Fit in (Young Gunz album)
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For capital intensity and productivity, we require the following variables from GIFI:
Para isso, utilizou-se a CATPCA --Analise Categorica de Componentes Principais (Gifi, 1990; De Leeuw, 1990; Meulman, 1992; Nishisato, 1994) como tecnica exploratoria de interdependencia e de reducao da dimensionalidade dos dados.
The reasonable agreement between the simulated and measured results shows that the designed ETS antenna with elliptical dielectric loading fulfills the requirements of GiFi wireless communications at Mm waves.
* An explanation why the amount of reserves added back or deducted on Schedule 1 does not agree to the GIFI or the amounts reported on the financial statements;
Gulf Island Fabrication, Incorporated (NASDAQ: GIFI), a United States-based fabricator of offshore drilling and production platforms and other specialised structures, has declared a dividend on common stock.
4-5), alle pratiche psicanalitiche e terapeutiche e all'esplicitazione dell'inconscio ("si / spinge in su quei che sta gifi: misto / con il male", vv.
MCA is a technique that reduces the multidimensionality of the space, namely by the definition of new axes which support the graphical view of that space (Benzecri, 1984; Lebart et al, 1984; Gifi, 1990; Geer, 1993a; Geer, 1993b; Greenacre and Blasius, 2006; Greenacre, 2007; Carvalho, 2008) and it is very appropriate for categorical variables.
Subsequently, the junior or younger sibling segment (noko) of Cailoro may bestow one of its daughters or sisters in marriage as a gifi to a rnan from Pai'ir Ratu.