GIFRGeneral Interrupt Flag Register
GIFRGlobal Interior Furnishings Review (research site)
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GIFR specialises in providing their clients with peer-reviewed research, high quality e-trainings, and fully digital and automated software solutions.
With the acquisition of GIFR, MHS will advance the knowledge of assessment, effective management as well as the treatment of offenders in the international criminal justice and public safety community.
Dr Humayon Dar, CEO of BMB Islamic and Editor in Chief of GIFR 2010, added:
EoACA[pounds sterling]We are glad to announce our support of the GIFR Report, knowing that the publisher is taking a major step forward in the Islamic finance industry and to convey any knowledge in this regard.
Following the success of the previous two GIFRs (2010 and 2011), the GIFR 2012 continues its objective of informing readers about the current state of the international Islamic finance market.
A unique feature of the GIFR 2012 is its particular focus on social responsibility and philanthropy.
GIFR provides an evaluation of the effectiveness of this vastly expanding industry as an alternative to the Western interest-based practice and maps out how the Islamic financial industry can engage and encompass all strata of society.