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GIGGlobal Information Grid (US DoD)
GIGGlobal Information Grid
GIGGenetic Interest Group (UK)
GIGGet It Going
GIGGreen Is Good
GIGGlobal Investment Group (various organizations)
GIGGuangzhou Institute of Geochemistry (China)
GIGGwasanaeth Iechyd Gwladol (Welsh: National Health Service)
GIGGod Is Great
GIGGet in Gear
GIGGrowing in Grace (various religious organizations)
GIGGrand Invalide de Guerre (military disability information)
GIGGay International Group (Geneva, Switzerland)
GIGRio De Janeiro, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil - International Airport (Airport Code)
GIGGoldenTalk Investment Group
GIGGetting Involved Guide (various organizations)
GIGGroupement des Ingénieurs en Géomatique (French: Geomatics Engineers Group; Switzerland)
GIGGPS Integration Guide
GIGGeneral Industry Group (Australia)
GIGGuild Inn Group
GIGGhosts in Gloom (gaming clan)
References in classic literature ?
Meanwhile the gig approached, and the two girls exchanged affectionate greetings.
Descending to the door, he was filled with astonishment to find Macfarlane with his gig, and in the gig one of those long and ghastly packages with which he was so well acquainted.
One dark night he was galloping home as usual, when all of a sudden the wheel came against some great heavy thing in the road, and turned the gig over in a minute.
Crimsworth looked from side to side, and seemed at one glance to comprehend all that was going on; he alighted, and leaving his horse and gig to the care of a man who hastened to take the reins from his hand, he bid me follow him to the counting-house.
We'll start from here as if we were both going to the railway; and I'll drop you at the foot-path, in the gig.
John Thorpe kept of course with Catherine, and, after a few minutes' silence, renewed the conversation about his gig.
Senhor Santos insists on taking his chance along with the young lady in my gig.
Father's off with the governor in the gig, and the runners in hiding outside are in full cry after them.
She did not, however, object to his keeping his gig alongside her; and in this manner, at a slow pace, they advanced towards the village of Trantridge.
But the doctor interrupted him and moved toward his gig.
Giles was apparently considering the propriety of indulging in a respectful smile himself, when a gig drove up to the garden-gate: out of which there jumped a fat gentleman, who ran straight up to the door: and who, getting quickly into the house by some mysterious process, burst into the room, and nearly overturned Mr.
The gig did not overtake me: and it was well I had not waited for it; vexatious rather, that I had been fool enough to wait so long.