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GIGSGrants in Graduate Studies (New York University)
GIGSGirona International Graduate School (University of Girona; Spain)
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There was a slight bend in the coast, and I steered so as to put it between us; even before we landed we had thus lost sight of the gigs.
For, absurd as it may sound, with that look into those Arabian Nights' eyes, had come somewhere out of space an overwhelming intuition, nay, an unshakable conviction, that the woman who was already being rolled away from me down the road in that Dis's car of a farmer's gig, was now and for ever and before all worlds the woman God had created for me, and that, unless I could be hers and she mine, there would be no home, no peace for either of us so long as we lived.
And with that Macfarlane took his departure and drove off up the wynd in his gig to get under cover before daylight.
I remember one morning I was put into the light gig, and taken to a house in Pulteney Street.
I like to have the seat in my gig at liberty for any gentleman whom for business reasons I may wish to take down to the hall for a night or so.
I can tell you how to find the place as we go along in the gig.
Otherwise I do not go; and as for the gig, you may take me or leave me, as you choose.
Father went in the gig, and I let them out and locked the gates after them.
But the doctor interrupted him and moved toward his gig.
The gig did not overtake me: and it was well I had not waited for it; vexatious rather, that I had been fool enough to wait so long.
Windows were open, an elderly woman was hanging out clothes in the back yard, and the doctor's gig stood under the porte-cochere.
But in this state of things the opposite certitude--namely, that David was still alive and in England--seemed to be brought by the testimony of a neighbour, who, having been on a journey to Cattelton, was pretty sure he had seen David in a gig, with a stout man driving by his side.