GIGSEGlobal Interactive Gaming Summit and Expo (annual online gaming convention)
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The show will wrap up with the third annual GIGSE Charity Event, with Gordon House, the provider of both the GamAid and GamStop programs based in the United Kingdom, selected as the recipient of the generous donations to the Silent Auction and all donations associated with the Charity Event, as yet to be determined.
The historically strong conference program at GIGSE will highlight the transformation and issues arising in an ever-changing industry.
The exhibition portion of GIGSE has already received commitments from over 48 companies.
For more information about the program at GIGSE '08, please contact mark@rivercitygroup.
Victor Tong, will be speaking at the event on the topic of designing games for Asian players at 9:30 AM on June 7 at the GIGSE.
HomeATM will be available during GIGSE in Montreal, by appointment only.