GIIFGeneralnego Inspektora Informacji Finansowej (Polish: General Inspector of Financial Information)
GIIFGlobal ISDN & Future Access Technologies Industry Forum
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GIIF is a World Bank Group's program that facilitates access to finance for smallholder farmers, micro-entrepreneurs, and microfinance institutions by providing climate and disaster risk transfer solutions and index-based insurance in developing countries.
While the aluminium industry is of immediate interest, industrial infrastructure including railways, access roads, port developments, transportation distribution hubs, industrial parks or estates (including agro-processing plantations), and baseload power generation, is being promoted under GIDL GIIF is therefore sounding out investors to establish market interest in the commercial opportunities presented.
GIIF is a relatively new experiment and it is difficult to say how successful it has so far been until a full impact report is completed.
A spokesman for Lenders could not explain why Satyam was given Victorian taxpayer dollars despite the GIIF saga.
The vast majority of required notifications to the GIIF are sent through a newly developed electronic reporting system.
As a major sponsor of the GIIF Global Summit, Eicon continues to support the forum's initiatives to build a global ISDN market by identifying new solutions for global customer needs, highlighting barriers and issues at all stages of the ISDN value chain and encouraging new operators to provide ISDN services.
Craig Churchill, team leader of the International Labour Organisation s Impact Insurance Facility, GIIF s implementing partner on its Index Insurance Forum initiative said, We believe the online platform will serve as an important tool to distill and highlight the lessons learned through GIIF s recently launched community of practice.
Supported by the European Union, Netherlands and Japan, GIIF has enabled several hundreds of thousands of farmers in emerging markets across Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia Pacific and other regions access index-insurance products and reduce the losses arising from weather-related risks since its inception in 2009.
Over the past six years, GIIF has worked with a wide range of partners and industry stakeholders, including the thought leaders in index-insurance from the private and public sectors.
The milestone was reached through the work of Kilimo Salama, a social enterprise launched by the Syngenta Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture with the support of GIIF.
IFC wants to expand the GIIF into countries such as Ghana, Tanzania, Zambia, and other countries in Africa, it said.