GIIIGraham International Implant Institute (Macomb, MI)
GIIIGasherbrum III (26,089 ft. mountain near Pakistan-China)
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However, the pathogenic difference between GI and GIII virus infections among humans remains unclear.
Os resultados revelaram que quanto a escrita de letras do alfabeto (ELA), os escolares do GIII e GIV apresentaram desempenho superior quando comparados ao GI; no ditado randomizado de letras do alfabeto (DRLA), os escolares do GIII apresentaram desempenho superior aos GI e GII.
The 10-seat GIII Gulfstream aircraft will offer a luxurious open cabin and can operate to a 45,000 foot service ceiling.
Sobretudo, apenas para os animais do grupo GIII, verificou-se a ocorrencia de diferenca estatisticamente significante no que diz respeito a espessura do septo interventricular em diastole, o que corrobora o estudo de BERTONE et al.
On the other hand, GIII exhibited a significant decrease in hardness following disinfection and after 252 hours of accelerated aging (Graphs 1-3), except for samples disinfected with chlorhexidine.
Na materia de Historia o menor resultado foi de--0,91 no estado nutricional pre-obeso e no aspecto positivo o maior resultado foi de 0,55 no estado nutricional, desnutrido GIII.
ExcelAire's new GIII offers passengers a spacious cabin, with seating for 11, including eight captain's chairs and a 3-seat divan.
To understand early events leading to the replacement of GIII viruses by GI viruses in JEV-endemic areas, we conducted virologic surveillance using mosquitoes and pig serum specimens collected from pig farms in multiple counties in Taiwan during the 2009 and 2010 transmission seasons.
Approved aircraft models include Bombardier Global Express; Gulfstream, GII, GIII, GIV & GV; Pilatus PC-12/45 & /47 and the Learjet 31.
In the comparison with the same mixing time, the additional mixing with an open mill was not required with the GIII technology mixer, and equal dispersion was achieved.
However, during the past decade, JEV GI has been introduced into South Korea, Thailand, and China and has replaced the GIII strains that had been circulating in Japan and Vietnam during the mid-1990s (5).
SaV strains can be divided into 5 genogroups (GI-GV), among which GI, GII, GIV, and GV infect humans; GIII infects porcine species.