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Denoting by gij the link gain between the node i and node j, where the node pair ij could be [sr.sub.n], sd, or [r.sub.n]d.
"Jy ken seker nie eens Kent gij dat volk of Heft Burgers nie."
where [GAMMA].sup.i.sub.jk] is the Riemann connection determined by the metric gij, [N.sup.i.sub.j] is a nonlinear connection, and [F.sub.ij] = (rot[??])ij, [F.sup.i.sub.j] = [g.sup.ih][F.sub.hj].
[Cq.sub.gijkl] = [[mu].sub.g] + [a.sub.i(g)] + [b.sub.j(gi)] + [c.sub.k(gij)] + [d.sub.l(gijk)], (2)