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GILFGovernment Information Licensing Framework (Australia)
GILFGlobal Industry Leaders Forum (International Telecommunication Union; UN)
GILFGrandmother I'd Like to Find (polite form)
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Al Gilf Al Kabir C'est un plateau en calcaire situe a l'extreme sud-ouest.
The GILF, chaired by Al-Barack and jointly organized by the
In the southern part of the western Desert, Gilf El-Kabir earthquake was occurred on December 9, 1978.
The safari group was attacked almost a week ago near Gilf al-Kabir region, a sandstone plateau close to the border with Libya and Sudan.
The tourists were camping near the Sudanese border by the Gilf al-Kebir, a giant plateau beyond the Great Sand Sea famed for its prehistoric cave paintings.
Ruby Mowlem, nine, a Year 4 pupil at Westfield School, designed a Christmas angel, and Cait Gilf ellon, who is in Year 5 at St Catherine's Primary School in Sandyford, designed a Christmas elf.
Indeed, the first lines we read in this novel are in an epigraph "From the minutes of the Geographical Society meeting of November 194-, London": "Most of you, I am sure, remember the tragic circumstances of the death of Geoffrey Clifton at Gilf Kebir, followed later by the disappearance of his wife, Katharine Clifton, which took place during the 1939 desert expedition in search of Zerzura.
They had a great start when Garry Gilf illan shot them ahead after only four minutes.
have attacked the Gilf Kebir" (145, underline emphases mine).
Bermann was a close friend of Almasy, whom he accompanied on a 1933 expedition in search of the fabled Wadi [Valley] of Zerzura in the Gilf Kebir.
Last week, the Pentagon sent to the gilf 100,000 body bags, as we called them in the Second War.
By: Egypt Today staff CAIRO-8 September 2017: Gilf Kibir is a huge plateau in the southwest corner of Egypt at its borders with Libya and Sudan.