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GILTGarnet Interface Layout Tool
GILTGlobalization, Internationalization, Localization and Translation
GILTGamma-Interferon-Inducible Lysosomal Thiol Reductase (genetics)
GILTGrand Island Little Theater (Grand Island, NE)
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She knew that General Kitchener was away over in Japan, leading his army against the savage Turks; and he would never step out of his gilt frame for her.
van der Luyden beckoned the latter to a seat on the gilt sofa where she throned.
And so, for a whole year, he sought to accumulate the most exquisite specimens that he could find of textile and embroidered work, getting the dainty Delhi muslins, finely wrought with gold-thread palmates and stitched over with iridescent beetles' wings; the Dacca gauzes, that from their transparency are known in the East as "woven air," and "running water," and "evening dew"; strange figured cloths from Java; elaborate yellow Chinese hangings; books bound in tawny satins or fair blue silks and wrought with fleurs-de-lis, birds and images; veils of lacis worked in Hungary point; Sicilian brocades and stiff Spanish velvets; Georgian work, with its gilt coins, and Japanese Foukousas, with their green-toned golds and their marvellously plumaged birds.
said the watches of the boys, and the little gilt repeaters on the tails of the cat and pig.
Almost the whole frontage was of gilt plaster and figured glass, and between that grey seascape and the grey, witch-like trees, its gimcrack quality had something spectral in its melancholy.
In a splendid chamber of the Palais Royal, formerly styled the Palais Cardinal, a man was sitting in deep reverie, his head supported on his hands, leaning over a gilt and inlaid table which was covered with letters and papers.
All at once he raised his head; his brow slightly contracted like that of a man who has formed a resolution; he fixed his eyes upon an enormous clock that was about to strike ten, and taking up a whistle of silver gilt that stood upon the table near him, he shrilled it twice.
Next week, on Anglesey, he will be joined by Farming Connect and Menter Moch Cymru for an information evening on gilt management.
If its balance sheet were to be shrunk as suggested, it might need to revert to open-market operations in Treasury bills, gilt repos, and perhaps other liquid assets, on the pre-crisis pattern.
17bn of so-called gilts as part of its new quantitative easing (QE) programme to help cushion the blow of the Brexit vote.
Fixed income strategist at Societe Generale, Jason Simpson, commented that gilt yields could still drop further.