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GIMELGroupe d'Interpretation de Musique Electroacoustique de Laval (French)
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A strong line of communication was set up between the team and support group at the GIMEL in Dubai which was constantly keeping them posted of expected aftershocks, allowing them to be cautious and even help locals and tourists along the way.
In addition to T for totum (all), there was N for nihil (nothing), D for depone (put), and A for aufer (take), closely corresponding to the Hebrew letter meanings associated with gimel, nun, shin, and heh.
When I left the station, the police still did not know what had happened to the missing man from Ramat Aviv Gimel. Later I learn that the news is not good: Fifty-nine-year-old Leonard (Arik) Karp had been strolling on a beachfront promenade with his wife, Sarah, and adult daughter, Otelia, about 11 p.m.
(126) Aleph (GAEL, 31) is the top half of the Hebrew letter and means "in the beginning with God, the son, or first born"; Ba eth (GAEL, 27) is somewhat stylized but recognizable as beth, while the glyph named Beth (GAEL, 23) is a hatched single line meaning "residence"; Gah mol (GAEL, 33) appears to be gimel laid on its side and refers to a "situation."
Fab Flournoy's team played twice against Gimel Basket at two different venues, and ran out comfortable winners on each occasion - 116-61 on Friday evening and 104-71 on Saturday.
Gimel always has something funny or sarcastic to say."
(41) When the hostilities subsided slightly, Schutz reverted to the official court printer in Dresden, Gimel Berg, for the second part of the Kleine geistliche Concerten (1639).
Don't miss the spectacular Gimel Waterfalls where the highest fall hurls itself into a gorge called Le Gouffre de Inferno.
Ha-knesiah Ha-rishonah met from alef to gimel Elul 5663 (August 23-25 1903).
A Taibeh player commented later: "On our way, we ran into the first group of Beitar fans, those from Ramat-Aviv Gimel [a prosperous neighbourhood in TelAviv]...we guessed this from the vivid anatomical descriptions they shouted of how they would 'screw Muhammad's mother'...they were spearheading the rest...By the time we got to the stadium we were accompanied by four police cars...if someone had ever told these border guard guys that one day they'd be accompanying and protecting the bus of Hapo'el Taibeh, they would have stuck to working in the fields or the harbor" (Ha 'Ir, March 28, 1997) The match ended in a 5-0 win for Beitar.
Markers of listing be shtey `in two' be exad `in one' shtayim `two' bet `b' gimel `c' (she) kodem kol `first of all' ba hemshex `following' 5.
realization of duality in Beth, and Gimel as the hieroglyph of rebirth into a new order of time: "MacAuliffe...