GIMFGlobal Islamic Media Front (propaganda arm of Al-Qaeda)
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(2013), 'Getting to know GIMF: the simulation properties of the global integrated monetary and fiscal model', International Monetary Fund, Working Paper, WP/13/55.
Executive Director Akhuwat Dr Amjad Saqib stressed that the primary objective of this 6th GIMF, is to assist poor by developing a welfare society exploring the best techniques from different modes of poverty alleviation practiced globally.
Snudden (2013), Getting to know GIMF: The simulation properties of the global integrated monetary and fiscal model.
The GIMF simulation, represented by the blue line replicates this development and shows a rise in G3 debt-to-GDP ratios over roughly a 10- year period by the amounts forecast in the WEO baseline between 2007 and 2017.
Para Colombia desde 1995 se han elaborado varios MEGC y DSGE con el fin de evaluar y simular politicas monetarias y comerciales, y en menor medida para politicas fiscales; tanto por autores nacionales como por autores extranjeros (GIMF del FMI para Colombia).
The GIMF has produced one popular instructional video that shows how to assemble an AK-47 rifle.
This 403-page book was published in 1987 (not specified by whom and where in the GIMF electronic version), and it was based on a Master's thesis presented by ad-Dumaiji at the Umm al-Qura University in Mecca during May 1983.
He acknowledged he was active in the Global Islamic Media Front, or GIMF, an online platform, but disputed that it was linked to al Qaida.
The Global Islamic Media Front (GIMF), heir to the "Global Front for Fighting Jews and Christians" set up in 1998 by Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan, presents itself as the hub for al-Qaeda propaganda on the Internet.
(q) Dipan's Jagriti Prakasan publishing house in Dhaka was subsequently mentioned in the al-Qa'ida and ABT Global Islamic Media Front (GIMF) Bengali wing video entitled "From Charlie Hebdo to Jagriti," (February 9, 2016).
(58.) Kang, Keen, and Pradhan (2011) show that a VAT increase of 1 percent of GDP reduces GDP by 0.4 percent in the IMF's GIMF model for Japan (their figure 4).
Fiscal multipliers--model comparison Percentage change in GDP from a 1% of GDP fiscal impulse Government consumption Income tax Model Temporary Permanent Temporary consolidation Canada NiGEM 0.6 0.1 OECD 0.5 0.2 Euro Area NiGEM 0.9 0.3 OECD 0.5 ** 0.2 ** EC's QUEST 1.0-1.1 * 0.2-0.3 * ECB's NAWM 1.0-1.1 * 0.1 * IMF's GIMF 0.9-1.0 * 0.1-0.2 * Japan NiGEM 1.3 0.6 OECD 0.7 0.3 USA NiGEM 1.2 0.9 0.3 OECD 0.7 0.3 EC's QUEST 1.1-1.2 * 0.3 0.3 * ECB's NAWM 1.1-1.2 * 0.1 * IMF's GIMF 1.1-1.2 * 0.7 0.2 * Notes: * Approximate.