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In 'To learn the ways of the Gimis' (Gillison and Gillison 1977:126) in the New Guinea Highlands, anthropologist Gillian Gillison indicates "they were very puzzled by what I was doing." In featuring their daughter in "Six-year old Samantha," "Timeless ritual of youth," and "Favorite of the Gimis" (Gillison and Gillison 1977:127, 132-3, 146) Gillian and David Gillison opened a moral evolutionary chasm that revealed a contradiction in social relations between the West and Melanesians, otherwise less visible.
Among the Gimi in the highlands of New Guinea, Gillison and Gillison "found a community still living in a Stone Age culture," (1977:126) Travel for the scientific study of primitive Melanesians is ultimately based on evolutionary stages, seeking out remnant cultural survivals.
In the prenuptial rite 'Preparing their own performance' Gimi women are "weaving sensually," while in "Flower covered dancers" Gimi women enact "portrayals of rivers, wild taro, bandicoots-fast-moving or abundant things of the forest floor that symbolize the fertility of primordial women" ((Gillison and Gillison 1977:135, 1983:148-9).