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"'Tis true," he said; "but where can I get a chisel to take the planks out, a gimlet to pierce the cask?"
"Go in, then, Grimaud," said Musqueton, handing him the beer pot and gimlet.
At this point Grimaud stopped and was preparing to make a hole with his gimlet, when he found a spigot; he therefore placed his tankard under it and turned the spout; something, whatever it was the cask contained, fell silently into the tankard.
And, as I leaned against the bedroom door, handle in hand, while Raffles stooped to unscrew the gimlet and withdraw the wedge, I hit upon the ideal port in the storm that was evidently about to burst on our devoted heads.
At least I thought Raffles was standing, until he asked me to strike a light, when I found him on his knees instead of on his feet, busy screwing down the trap-door with his gimlet. He carried three or four gimlets for wedging doors, and he drove them all.
He had screwed the gimlet into the circular butt, close to the edge, and now we were wrenching in opposite directions.
and give me your heel, if I may be so bold as to stick a gimlet into it."
From face to face and speaker to speaker his eyes would turn, boring like gimlets of incandescent ice, disconcerting and perturbing.
Arthur himself had provided the prizes for the men, and Bill was made happy with a splendid pocket-knife, supplied with blades and gimlets enough to make a man at home on a desert island.
I've been screwing gimlets into him, and sticking forks in his eyes, and cutting my name on him.
A woman in fantastic rags, with cheeks cavernously hollow and with narrow black eyes like burning gimlets, caught a glimpse of Hartman and me.
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