GIMMGauer Itten Messerli Maria (architecture firm; Berne, Switzerland)
GIMMGreater Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (Turkey)
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Motility characteristics were determined using the GIMM video capturing system.
With President Michael Schill taking a defeatist approach to additional state funding, reinforced by his comments at the UO Board of Trustees meeting, there was no support from bodies such as the HECC, whose members, after hearing testimony from Potratz and Gimm, questioned Jamie Moffitt, the UO's chief financial officer, and were disappointed by the allocation of funding that was given to the university last year.
Felt-Lisk, S., Gimm, G., Peterson, S.: Making Pay-for-Performance Work in Medicaid.
(Chicago: American Library Association, 1970), 762; Martin Gimm, "Zum (Heisei toktobuha) Jakon gosai kooli hacin, eine nachgelassene Schrift von John L.
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Examples include papers describing outcomes of pay-for-performance changes to Medicaid (Felt-Lisk, Gimm, and Peterson 2007; Rosenthal et al.
This study found that the two Medicaid-sponsored programs that raised rates more than the Medicaid national mean had combined their incentives with programmatic adjuncts like patient incentives and reminders (Felt-Lisk, Gimm, and Peterson 2007).
As managed care organizations become more involved in the provision of health services for Medicaid patients (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services 2009), CHCs are increasingly required to report summaries of patient experience measures for quality improvement purposes and some CHCs are subject to pay-for-performance incentives (Coleman, Reiter, and Fulwiler 2007; Felt-Lisk, Gimm, and Peterson 2007).
Gimm, Ph.D., Mathematica Policy Research, 600 Mary land Avenue, S.W., Suite 550, Washington, DC 20024; e-mail:
There is increasing concern, however, that pay-for-performance programs might exacerbate racial and ethnic disparities in care quality (Casalino and Elster 2007; Felt-Lisk, Gimm, and Peterson 2007; Millett et al.