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GIMPGNU Image Manipulation Program
GIMPGreat Internet Mersenne Prime (prime number collaborative; free computer software)
GIMPGeneric Incursion Management Plan (Australia)
GIMPGraphics and Image Manipulation Program (software)
GIMPGrandpa in My Pocket (TV show)
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While there are many use cases in which Photoshop is quite irreplaceable, it is also true that GIMP is a very useful and powerful alternative.
GIMP is the free alternative, and is very capable of matching its commercial competitors for those willing to learn.
The Brooklynites entered the small stage all clad in black with Zebra Katz wearing a gimp mask.
The offer came with photos, including one of a dwarf wearing a gimp mask and carrying a whip, with an advertising blurb declaring that stag and hen nights should be "monumental, legendary and scandalous in equal parts.
It's less a film and more a collection of pitiful gags, revolving around a gimp mask and drug addict mother-in-law (Olivia Newton-John).
Lincoln Center's free Out of Doors festival ranges from Heidi Latsky's GIMP to Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Ensemble, an Alley offshoot in Denver.
Along with the numerous COMEZ accessory machines on display (warpers, winders, twisters, machines for manufacturing cords, "chainette cords" and gimp yarns), an all-new folding machine model will be presented for narrow fabrics, an ideal and practical solution that is specially designed to meet the packaging needs of many manufacturers.
RANDOM HAND, GIMP FIST, HEY ALASKA and TOMORROW WE RADIO return to the Forum on Thursday.
NEW York choreographer Heidi Latsky brought her g roundbreaking dance show, GIMP, to Liverpool for its UK premiere last night.
The work includes traditionally installed software such as the OpenOffice productivity suite and the Gimp photo manipulation program as well as online resources such as Google Docs, Gmail and Picassa web albums.