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GIMPSGreat Internet Mersenne Prime Search
GIMPSGeneral Internet Messaging Protocol for Signaling
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That number was also found by the GIMPS collaboration, in January 2016.
The GIMPS project has led to advances in distributed computing--that is using the Internet to effectively apply the unused computing power of thousands of machines.
EDINBURGH: The good, the bad and the gimps of comedy got into full swing on the first night of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival on Friday night.
Bonny Lad called one of his Gimps. "Just wait 15 minutes and we'll build the lawnmower for you."
18, the computer-based Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search (GIMPS) turned up the largest known prime number, whose formula is 2 to the 25,964,951st power minus 1.
At the time Tim said: '"I'd like to wipe Westlife off the planet - all their songs sound the same." He added: They just stand around on cliffs looking like gimps."