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Unlike the Decameron, which limits itself to Tancred's command '[that] they should strangle him [...] and taking the heart forth of his body [...] bring it to him, which they performed according to their charge', (48) Gismond imagines the aftermath of the execution in grisly detail: RENUCHIO After his breath was gone Bereft thus from his brest by cruell force Streight they despoiled him, and, not alone Contented wth his death, on the dead corps, Whom savage beastes do spare, ginne they to showe New crueltie, and wth a swerd they pearce His naked belly, and unrippe it soe That out the bowelles gush.
ACTE is proud to announce that Meicheng Shi of San Jose, California, and Ginne Catherine Bushong of Tucson, Arizona, have been selected as the winners of the 2006 Cliff Weiss Memorial Essay Contest.
"panon he gesohte Sud-Dena folc over yda gewealc, Ar-Scyldinga; da ic furpum weold folce Deniga ond on geogode heold ginne rice, hordburh haelepa; da waes Heregar dead, min yldra maeg unlifigende, bearn Healfdenes; se waes betera donne ic!
Ginne, wealthy Minister of Backhanders, tells me that the Government has decided to make smoking compulsory.
Information contact is Ginne Hmielowski at (508) 764-6157.