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GIOPGeneral Inter-ORB Protocol (CORBA)
GIOPGeneral Inter Orb Protocol
GIOPGlucocorticoid Induced Osteoporosis (bone disease)
GIOPGeneric Inter-Operability Protocol (computing)
GIOPGeneral Inter Operable Protocol
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There is no definitive study demonstrating that any of these agents actually prevents fractures in patients with GIOP.
This suggests that GIOP is now a disease more actively managed by primary care physicians than ever before," Dr.
Thus the specification supports additional protocols that may be provided in two fundamental ways: first, GIOP may be layered on reliable protocols other than TCP/IP.
The GIOP protocol offers a mechanism that can be used to mitigate the problem: instead of using a single address, an ORB can embed multiple addresses in an IOR, each of which denotes a redundant instance of the same repository.
Separated CDR encoding machine - a variable encoding machine plug-on such that the GIOP machine may perform encodings other than CDR such as for example CCDR.
NET and vice-versa - Callbacks and Logging - Accessing EJBs as CLR components - No touch on the Java Application server side - IIOP / GIOP 1.
In the infrastructure arena, one new specification maps the CORBA GIOP protocol to Telecommunications' SCTP, and another maps Web Services Specification Language (WSDL-SOAP) to CORBA.
Task Forces also recommended a number of new distributed computing infrastructure specifications including a WSDL-SOAP to CORBA(R) inter-working framework and a mapping from CORBA's GIOP protocol to SCTP, a reliable transport protocol specified by IETF.
A mapping of the CORBA GIOP protocol to SCTP will serve the telecommunications industry, and an update of the SECP protocol to version 1.
Four new specifications concentrate in realtime and high-performance computing: One defines data distribution pathways for realtime systems; another will allow programmers to add new communications protocols to real-time object request brokers (ORBs); a third standardizes load balancing and performance monitoring facilities for large scalable ORBs; and the last in this group maps the standard CORBA protocol GIOP to the telecommunications standard SCTP (Stream Control Transmission Protocol) for use in next generation mobile telecommunications networks.