GIPAPGlivec International Patient Assistance Program
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In order to ensure that appropriate patients are considered for this drug therapy, applications for GIPAP assistance must be initiated by physicians on behalf of their patients.
The Max Foundation, an international nonprofit organization dedicated to people with leukemia and other blood-related diseases, administers GIPAP. (50) Most communication with the Max Foundation is through the Internet.
For the past 12 years, The Max Foundation (Max) has been the global administrator of Gipap, an access program set up by Novartis in 2002 to help patients in some countries, including the Philippines.
As Gipap administrator, Max manages the patients medical and private information received by their attending physicians only for the purpose of coordinating the treatment of each patient with their healthcare provider.
Together with our local partner Touched by Max, we at Gipap work tirelessly to ensure that people living with CML (chronic myelogenous leukemia) in the Philippines have access to care, information and support.
We appeal to media to work with us to ease the fear of cancer patients under Gipap and NOA.
Based on the website of Max Foundation, Novartis' partner in the program, Gipap was designed "to provide Glivec free of cost to eligible patients in developing countries who meet specific medical and socioeconomic guidelines."
Under Gipap, Raagas could access Glivec for free starting in 2004.