GIPEGokhale Institute of Politics and Economics (Pune, Maharashtra, India)
GIPEGeneration of Interactive Programming Environments
GIPEGrenada Institute of Professional Engineers
GIPEGood Idea, Poorly Executed
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Damn the people, full speed ahead," said Gipe, who writes about renewable energy on his website.
Codigo INV032013003, financiado por la Direccion de Investigaciones de la Universidad CES (Medellin) y la Universidad del Rosario (Bogota), en el periodo de julio del 2013 a septiembre del 2014, llevado a cabo por el grupo de investigacion en Gestion Empresarial de la Facultad de Administracion CES, registrado en Colciencias en categoria D, el Grupo de Investigacion en Perdurabilidad Empresarial (GIPE) de la Facultad de Administracion de la Universidad del Rosario y el Grupo ICIF-CES de la Facultad de Quimica Farmaceutica de la Universidad CES, registrado en Colciencias.
On the glistening sands of the Sandestin Hilton Resort, July 13, 2014, Hailea Elizabeth Gipe and Richard Stanley (Whit) Whitlock II were united in marriage.
PCCMG evaluated all possible partnership options and concluded that TeamHealth was the perfect choice, commented PCCMG founder and medical director Bruce Gipe. TeamHealth offers unparallelled support for physicians and other clinicians and has great resources in hospital and emergency medicine management, he added.
The requirements set for the blades include the maximal diameter of the rotor and the height of its axe as well as aerodynamic efficiency to get as much energy from the wind as possible, low weight, simple production technology, sufficient resistance to mechanical loads and weather impact, durability (Gipe 2004).
Pedagoga (por la UAB) e investigadora, miembro del grupo de investigacion GIPE (Grupo Interdisciplinar de Politicas Educativas).
Lasioderma serricorne (Coleoptera: Anobiidae): first record in dehydrated bee pollen in Ser gipe State, Brazil.
Gipe, Wind Energy Comes of Age, John Wiley & Sons, New York, NY, USA, 1995.
Gipe and Shao are employed by Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, which analyzed the PCSK9 samples.