GIPIGlobal Internet Policy Initiative
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GIPI aims to begin full commercial production before the end of 2009.
The next GIPI will see greater consistency across the EU but I doubt that is imminent.
Vladimir I Shcherbatykh, CEO, TMK GIPI said: "We are extremely honoured to win another contract from PDO.
The expansion will provide GIPI with a platform to supply all pipe ranges from 3 inches to 56 inches, opening the room for better penetration in the export market regionally and around the globe.
Vladimir I Shcherbatykh, CEO, TMK GIPI, said: "We are truly delighted to have signed this contract with PDO/L&T.
With years of experience and expertise in 3LPE pipes and anti-corrosion coating materials, TMK GIPI has established itself as a leading technology player in Oman, and has been recognised for its performance in oil and gas pipeline corrosion-resistant field.
This achievement is a result of a teamwork between the whole TMK Group, Technical Expertise, Research and Development and the site team at TMK GIPI that worked together this summer on completing the 8-24 mill expansion at Sohar for the manufacture of smaller 6-7 pipe sizes, used for oil and gas well delivery.
TMK GIPI is the only manufacturer of 8" to 24" Diametre high pressure OCTG casing pipes in Oman and will commence delivery of this order in early 2014.
GIPI, which is part of global pipe manufacturer TMK, will commence delivery of the order in early 2014, according to a statement from the company.
The pipes supplied by GIPI come in line with the expansion plans for Natih Project.
GIPI is the first manufacturer of 8 to 24 inch high pressure carbon steel pipes in Oman and is a division of global pipe manufacturer TMK.
Muscat: Golden Dunes Investments (GDI), founders and promoters of Gulf International Pipe Industry (GIPI), announced that they have fully divested their stake in GIPI and a formal transfer of their 30 per cent stake in the company has taken place recently at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.