GIPOGraphical Interface for Planning with Objects
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Furthermore, we will develop the young brand "O+" derived from the original Ordifen brand, develop household retail stores (GIPO stores) and enter into strategic investment agreements with eleven intimate wear product and material suppliers in order to strengthen our supply chain management, shorten the development and manufacturing cycle of new materials and products, and raise self-sufficiency of premium products.
An even better image was conjured by Gipo Viani, the first coach to employ catenaccio regularly in Italy.
As Gipo Viani -- the self-anointed founder of catenaccio - put it: catenaccio "Is the right of weak".
Charlie Eastwood, GM of the Doha-based Aggregate Processing & Recycling (Agg-Pro), which has been selling Gipo and McCloskey mobile crushing and screening equipment for the past eight years, notes that there are currently two busy sectors for his equipment.
The band is currently made up of Whelo - guitar and vocals, Gipo - bass and vocals and Stanto - drums.
22 April 2015 - Cayman Islands-based small business investor Grand Group Investment Plc (AIM: GIPO) has entered into an agreement to make a cash investment of RMB 20m (USD 3.25m) by acquiring a 15% shareholding in Chinese online learning solutions firm WuXi Jin Xun Tong Technology Ltd., the company said on Wednesday.
Earlier this month, the European Commission unveiled plans for the Global Internet Policy Observatory (GIPO), an online platform to improve knowledge of and participation of all stakeholders across the world in debates and decisions on Internet policies.
Though Del Pilar's caustic poetry such as "Sagot ng Espana sa Hibik nang Filipinas" (Spain's Response to the Philippine Cry) primarily assailed the abuses of the friars and advocated concerted action by the Filipinos, there was a note of restraint and ambiguity--either to endure oppression or work for the country's good--since no aid could be expected from a feeble Spain: Ito na nga lamang ang maisasagot ng salantang ina sa hibik mo, irog sasakyan mo'y gipo, huwag matutulog ang mga anak mo't masigwa sa laot.
Patricia The inquest had previously heard how Mrs Franks sustained extensive damage to vital vessels surrounding her liver after trainee general surgeon Gipo Tripuraneni operated on her.
Other systems such as GIPO (Simpson, Kitchin, and McCluskey 2007) rely on humans to author action models and planning domain knowledge, in which our automated solution can provide some initial solutions for human experts to edit.