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Second-order classroom practices engage learners in active participation in substantive, inquiry-based discipline-specific knowledge and practice that involve interpreting, analyzing, reasoning, and communicating, leading to deep knowledge and understanding of facts, principles, and theories (Gipps, 1999; Southerland et al., 2007).
"I definitely think kids are going to be coming down here a lot," said Gipps, whose daughter, Kelsey, 5, was also playing in the water.
Considerations: While GIPP has limited or no flexibility or liquidity, along with minimal income portability, it does provide greater leverage for retirement income.
(As late as November 1682, Richard Gipps of Gray's Inn was granted a knighthood in anticipation of a Christmas masque of February 1682/83.) (15)
Whereas learning was seen traditionally as a process of accumulating atoms of factual knowledge that were tightly sequenced, organised as a hierarchy, and had to be explicitly taught (Gipps, 1999; Shepard, 2000), it is now recognised that
Balanced literacy perspectivists (Afflerbach, 2007; Cowen, 2003; Gipps, 1999; Hoffman, Paris, Sala, Patterson, & Assaf, 2003; Johnston & Costello, 2005; Pearson, 2004; Reutzel & Cooter, 2004) believe that the fundamental purpose of school-based literacy assessment should be to use the many and varied forms of literacy assessment to identify students' abilities in the pursuit of a broad range of personal and social interests.
The following month an account of the incident was sent to the NSW Governor, Sir George Gipps. Some officials in the colony thought it should be allowed to quietly fade away, after all, what ever had happened had occurred in an isolated part of the colony and could be easily overlooked.
Benjamin Boyd was the president of the Pastoral Association formed to oppose Governor Gipps's plans for the new squatting regulations for the Crown lands of New South Wales.
On 19 October 1839 La Trobe had told his superior in Sydney, Sir George Gipps: 'Upon my arrival here, I fixed upon a suitable spot in the Government paddock, next to that in which Capn L [Lonsdale] resides & took measures to put up my portable cottage & whatever offices were indispensably necessary'.
He covers both events and personalities from the first, brief, appointment as Governor of Sir George Gipps, the Governor of New South Wales, in 1840 until the second to last appointment to date, that of Dame Sylvia Cartwright.