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GIPSGlobal Investment Performance Standards
GIPSGeneral Image Processing System
GIPSGlobal Ip Sound
GIPSGlobal Ip Solutions
GIPSGiga Instructions Per Second
GIPSGerman International Poetry Slam
GIPSGehandicapten Informatie Project Scholen (Dutch: Disability Information Project Schools; various locations)
GIPSGrosvenor International Property Services (est. 2002; various locations)
GIPSGlobal Infrastructure Protection System (computer security)
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Verification assesses whether a firm has complied with all the composite construction requirements of the GIPS standards on a firm-wide basis and that the firm's policies and procedures are designed to calculate and present performance in compliance with GIPS standards.
More investment firms need to conform to the highest standards of professional conduct and an industry-wide acceptance of GIPS that is a logical first step.
In contrast, it held with regard to the role of Knauf Gips KG in the Knauf Group that the General Court had erred in law in holding that the onus was on Knauf Gips KG to react during the administrative procedure or face the prospect of no longer being able to do so before the EU courts.
Google will, as previously announced, apply to delist GIPS from the Oslo Stock Exchange and will initiate a squeeze-out of the minority stakeholders.
4 million shares in GIPS had been received, corresponding to some 75.
GIPS mobile technology is available on the iPad, Android, iPhone, Symbian and Windows Mobile operating systems.
We depend on GIPS VoiceEngine Mobile to support the TT WiRO service because it's the leader in providing the best quality VoIP while simultaneously resolving persistent IP network difficulties," said Mr.
With GIPS providing theunderlying voice and video technology, Outsmart is guaranteed to offer the bestquality attainable.
Pete Ianace, CEO of ESPRE, said that the goal when licensing the codec to GIPS was to use GIPS' credibility and user base to achieve market penetration for ESPRE's core technologies.
The GIPS IP Network Simulator emulates network behavior by delaying and/or dropping packets in an IP-network.
The GIPS standards are a rigorous set of investment performance measurement principles, which have been adopted in 37 countries and recognized around the world for their unparalleled credibility, integrity, scope and uniformity, all enabling direct comparability of a firm's track record.