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GIPSYGraphic Information Presentation System (JDS)
GIPSYGeneralized Information Processing System
GIPSYGeneral Intensional Programming System
GIPSYGeneral Information Processing System
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The child said he had been given to gipsies after being abandoned by his parents and his adoptive mother claimed to have bought the boy from another gipsy.
Anxious to grab a slice of the off-road, military and agricultural sales being gained by the Land Rover, Austin swept in with Gipsy which looked a bit like its competitor but featured steel bodywork rather than aluminium which was its downfall as it rusted in extreme and farmyard conditions.
But, in the last 20 years, organised crime has taken over and, since 2007, when Romania joined the EU, gipsy children have been trafficked and exploited on a much larger scale.
As the metaphor evolves through the poems, it reflects, in "Gipsy Child," Arnold's own "stoicism and early skepticism" and even nihilism.
"He migrated to New Zealand as an 18-year-old then returned to Britain to buy his first plane, a de Havilland Gipsy Moth.
The Rt Rev David Walker, Bishop of Dudley within the Worcester Diocese and a prime mover behind the report, places the discrimination faced by travelling communities in context: "Society has romanticised the life of the gipsy, travelling the land with no ties, undertaking seasonal labour on the farms.
Under the ODPM proposals, all local authorities mustp Improve guidance about their criteria for judging applications for sitesp Explain how they assess the level of need for gipsy and traveller sitesp Describe how they will engage and build trust with gipsies and travellers p Advise gipsies and travellers and their representatives about how to use the planning system.
Eventually, Gipsy obeys the call of her heritage and runs
He accused the authorities of giving and withdrawing his gipsy status as it suits them.
Music North is organising a day of music events as part of the two-week Newcastle/Gateshead Gipsy Festival celebrating gipsy culture.
2 In 1996, prisoner Andonis Bedzios told police Ben was being held by a gipsy family.
I agree 100% with Fiona McEvoy that gipsy awareness should not be taught to schoolchildren or put on a par with English, Maths, the sciences, history, etc.