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GIRLGeneralized Information Retrieval Language
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But the girl. In quite primitive fashion, as Louis advised me, I was to select her and make myself acquainted with her.
THE FLOWER GIRL [picking up her scattered flowers and replacing them in the basket] There's menners f' yer!
He was just about to ask a share of the luncheon when the girl stood up and brushed the crumbs from her lap.
The girl hobbled to the wall of the building, leaned against it, and thanked him demurely.
"The Story Girl always likes to make so much out of so little.
'I hear you,' replied the girl, turning her face aside, and forcing a laugh.
Then the black girl told him that she too was in the power of the Fairy, who had doomed her to wander about in her present guise until some youth should take pity on her and bear her in safety to the other side of the river which they saw in the distance, and on the other side of which the Fairy's domain and power ended.
Slowly and one by one they approached the girl. She gave not the slightest evidence of fear of them.
It was fully fifteen minutes before he returned, when the guard was again changed and the girl conducted into the chamber beyond.
I could imagine easily how the poor girl must have been bewildered and hurt at her reception in that household--envied for her past while delivered defenceless to the tender mercies of people without any fineness either of feeling or mind, unable to understand her misery, grossly curious, mistaking her manner for disdain, her silent shrinking for pride.
"What will Mademoiselle Piombo say to that?" asked a young girl of Mademoiselle Matilde Roguin, the lively oracle of the banking group.
The woman had cut a slit for the Patchwork Girl's mouth and sewn two rows of white pearls in it for teeth, using a strip of scarlet plush for a tongue.