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GIRLSGod in Real Life Situations
GIRLSGirls in Real Life Situations
GIRLSGeneralized Information Retrieval & Listing System
GIRLSGreater Indiana Regional League of Soccer (est. 1993)
GIRLSGeneralized Information Retrieval Language System (computing)
GIRLSGirls In Recreation, Leadership and Sports (Texas)
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But the people amongst whom the girl had fallen had positively not a grain of moral delicacy.
A quantity of caricatures, heads drawn at a stroke, either in color or with the point of a knife, on walls painted in a dark gray, proved that, barring a difference in expression, the most distinguished young girls have as much fun and folly in their minds as men.
But I didn't know girls. They were strange and wonderful to me after my precocious man's life.
I can remember a score of these country girls who were in service in Black Hawk during the few years I lived there, and I can remember something unusual and engaging about each of them.
"Friends, fellow-citizens, and girls!" she said; "we are about to begin our great Revolt against the men of Oz!
"I could love a man with dark and kind blue eyes, who is gentle and respectful to poor girls, who is handsome and good and does not try to flirt.
The girl shuddered and the old woman laid a hand gently upon her shoulder.
The woman had cut a slit for the Patchwork Girl's mouth and sewn two rows of white pearls in it for teeth, using a strip of scarlet plush for a tongue.
The girl sat at my feet straining her eyes toward the deck of the oncoming boat.
"My dolls are all dressed for the day," she cried, "and I'm tired of making mud pies--I want you to come out and play with me." But Professor Maxon did not reply--he had returned to view his grim operations, and the hideousness of them had closed his ears to the sweet tones of the girl's voice.
THE FLOWER GIRL [picking up her scattered flowers and replacing them in the basket] There's menners f' yer!
"The Story Girl always likes to make so much out of so little.