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GIRLSGod in Real Life Situations
GIRLSGirls in Real Life Situations
GIRLSGeneralized Information Retrieval & Listing System
GIRLSGreater Indiana Regional League of Soccer (est. 1993)
GIRLSGeneralized Information Retrieval Language System (computing)
GIRLSGirls In Recreation, Leadership and Sports (Texas)
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And strolling girls will look at strolling boys who look.
I can remember a score of these country girls who were in service in Black Hawk during the few years I lived there, and I can remember something unusual and engaging about each of them.
The command to march was now given, and the girls formed themselves into four bands, or companies, and set off with eager strides toward the Emerald City.
The two girls sat in the window seat, looking out at the lights and the stream of hurrying vehicles in the avenue.
But I surmised that it might have been the sullenness of a man unconscious of guilt and standing at bay to fight his "persecutors," as he called them; or else the fear of a softer emotion weakening his defiant attitude; perhaps, even, it was a self-denying ordinance, in order to spare the girl the sight of her father in the dock, accused of cheating, sentenced as a swindler--proving the possession of a certain moral delicacy.
A quantity of caricatures, heads drawn at a stroke, either in color or with the point of a knife, on walls painted in a dark gray, proved that, barring a difference in expression, the most distinguished young girls have as much fun and folly in their minds as men.
THE FLOWER GIRL [hopefully] I can give you change for a tanner, kind lady.
The Story Girl always likes to make so much out of so little.
Why, you don't mean to say, you'd be hard upon me to-night, Bill,' said the girl, laying her hand upon his shoulder.
Then the black girl told him that she too was in the power of the Fairy, who had doomed her to wander about in her present guise until some youth should take pity on her and bear her in safety to the other side of the river which they saw in the distance, and on the other side of which the Fairy's domain and power ended.
For several minutes the girl carried on what could be nothing less than a conversation with the baboons, and then with seeming alacrity every article of her apparel in their possession was handed over to her.
Soon the great doors commenced slowly to swing creakingly open, and presently, as they separated, the girl saw behind them the motive force which operated the massive doors--to each door a half-dozen naked Negroes.