GIRMGeneral Instruction of the Roman Missal (Catholic instruction for Liturgy)
GIRMGeospatial Interoperability Reference Model (Federal Geographic Data Committee)
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Catholics are therefore perfectly free to kneel after Holy Communion, and they are not being unfaithful to the GIRM in doing so.
According to the director of the POCTIPS, the GIRM arrested 174 individuals on drug trafficking charges between January and October 2011.
In preparing the new norms, the two things he misunderstood, Olmst-ed said in the letter, were that the indult that expired in 2005 was for extraordinary ministers of Communion to purify the sacred vessels after Communion, not for their help distributing Communion; and that the instructions of GIRM 283 make distribution under both formsbroad, not restricted.
The very last paragraph of the GIRM gives perhaps the best advice: "Every effort should be made to ensure that .
None of them accommodates treating any part of the Gloria as a refrain, and there is not even a hint in the GIRM that there should be one.
With new developments in the liturgy since 1970, the GIRM too has undergone updating, further clarification, and refinement.
Permit an explanatory digression: the episcopal conference in the United States, in its liturgical document Built of Living Stones, mistranslated a key passage from paragraph 299 of the new GIRM concerning the location and disposition of altars.
From this introduction, Father Huels launched into his examination of whether GIRM 3 supported the competencies of the conferences of bishops or not, as compared with the 1975 edition.
The bishops sent the translation of the new GIRM (General Instruction for the Roman Missal), newly issued in Latin in June 2000, back to the translators to be redone (see C.
The Canadian English and French official translations of GIRM 2000 will probably not be voted on until the fall and then need to be referred to Rome.
First, paragraphs 314-317 of the new GIRM address the issue at hand.
In our Prince George Diocese we have been encouraged to stand during the Consecration for some years, except for a few parishes which remain faithful to the instructions of the GIRM, the liturgical instruction for the Universal Church.