GIRSAGrupo Internacional de Representaciones, Sociedad Anónima (Guatemala)
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He and Oris Zoller, an Israeli representing GIRSA, inspected the arms in a Nicaraguan police warehouse.
GIRSA says the shipment arrived in Panama as scheduled but that the shipping documents were somehow altered and the arms proceeded on to Colombia.
We are pleased that GIRSA is incorporating our Discovery Tools system into its research programs for the discovery and optimization of polymer materials," stated Steve Goldby, chairman and chief executive officer of Symyx.
GIRSA is a group of specific business companies operating in North America, primarily from Mexico, and Spain, through JV's with Spanish and US based companies or through wholly owned subsidiaries, exporting elastomers, plastics and other chemicals to more than 40 countries.
5 million during the same period in 2000, reflecting costs associated with the Discovery Tools systems delivered to GIRSA and Sumitomo.
We are pleased to expand our partnership with GIRSA, an important Latin American company.
addition Symyx received purchase agreements from GIRSA for
The system will enable GIRSA to apply our proven technology to increase their experimental throughput 50-fold," stated Steve Goldby, chairman and chief executive officer of Symyx.
GIRSA will contribute its process and manufacturing technology and will be primarily responsible for the construction of a new 40,000 metric ton plant in Altamira (near Tampico), Mexico, which will be the world's largest and most advanced nitrile rubber plant.
Customers will benefit from expanded product lines and the combined technical and marketing capabilities of GIRSA and Uniroyal Chemical," said Joseph B.