GIRoAGovernment of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan
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Ziskat aktivni podporu pro misi ISAF afghanskeho lidu, GIRoA, obyvatel statu poskytujicich vojaky a mezinarodni komunity".
It is further recommended that GIRoA consider increasing the assumed mineral freight rate from $0.
To sustain long-term growth and development of the financial management functions in GIRoA, CSTC-A continues to work with the United Nations Development Programme and the World Bank to implement electronic financial management systems that improve accuracy and visibility of donor funds while reducing the risk of misappropriation, and improving overall transparency.
The shura provided the GIRoA with the platform that it needed (without the presence of coalition forces) to broadcast its message that the GIRoA is in charge.
GIRoA has relied, almost exclusively, on international community funding to build, equip, and operate drug treatment centers.
6) In my opinion, lines of operation or objectives in Afghanistan are only of interest to the extent that they enable a transition of power to GIRoA by the specified date with the specified end states remaining stable.
She works closely with the Ministry of Defense - Finance to ensure transparency and accountability in the execution of both GIRoA and NTM-A/CSTC-A funding, which is $909.
springs from the weakness of GIRoA [government of Afghanistan] institutions, the unpunished abuse of power by corrupt officials and power-brokers, a widespread sense of political disenfranchisement, and a longstanding lack of economic opportunity.
After the fall of the Taliban, the character of the war shifted to a multifaceted COIN effort aimed at smothering the diffuse insurgency by shoring up GIRoA efforts to provide security, governance, and economic development.
Giroa Eiland, a former Israeli national security adviser, told Al Jazeera that there was a debate within the Israeli government and security establishment about what the goals of the operation should be at this stage.
Indeed, many expository texts are specifically designed to teach the reader about an unfamiliar concept (Brewer, 1980; Giroa, Meiran, & Oref, 1996; Graesser et al.