GISBGas Industry Standards Board
GISBGlobal ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) Strategy Bureau (Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications; Japan)
GISBGrate Inlet Skimmer Box (storm drain equipment)
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It can be summarized that due to the role the GISB took during the military dictatorship, it still upholds a position as standing in for equal and freeing rights and furthermore giving a platform to minority groups, which makes the institute a trustworthy ally for Black women, particularly in the context of Salvador.
(2.) In the following, the Goethe-Institut Salvador Bahia will be abbreviated with either GISB or ICBA.
"Enron, K.N., Transco Place EBB Info on Internet; GISB Standards Not Final." (4 Oct.):1.
"FERC Approves GISB Pipeline Standards." (29 July):44.
GISB no longer will be a separate organization and its procedures and agenda will be moved intact to NAESB.
Altra GMS, which counts Questar and Cascade Natural Gas among its customers, handles gas purchase, sale and transportation management for producers, gatherers, marketers, LDCs, industrials and power generators and was built especially to comply with the new GISB mandates.
Its new GMS 4.2 system is a GISB-compliant product for nominations and confirmations along with other pertinent GISB data.
If in fact, though, it is easier for a shipper's gas control operation to use the proprietary non-GISB standard mechanisms, and if the cost of using the proprietary system is imbedded in a pipeline's rates rather than charged as a separate service, it's possible that many shippers will elect not to participate in the GISB standards at all; that in fact, it will be one more party that the FERC gave and no one came.
In developing the model contract, GISB first had to grapple with the issue of revising its charter to accommodate the request for a model contract.
GISB then sent the draft model contract to its Market Initiation Task Force for further development.
The model contract can be found at GISB's Internet address:
The industry now has a great vehicle for progress in GISB. GISB's very structure fairly represents the five industry groups: producers, pipelines, marketers, local distribution companies and end-users.