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GISCOGeographic Information System for the Commission (Eurostat)
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*** Odontologa, Profesora Investigadora del Grupo Salud y Comunidad GISCo Facultad de Odontologia.
Many technology companies are hugely profitable and significant contributors to individual economies eg Microsoft, Gisco, Interl etc.
His voices are all perfect and well crafted, for all characters, major and minor (even that of Gisco, the telepathic dog).
The son of Hannibal Gisco; landed at Lilybaeum (Marsala) and assembled an army, securing Agrigentum for Carthage (late spring 264); unsuccessfully besieged Messana (Messina) by both land and sea (summer); driven from Messana, he returned to Africa and assembled a large army, including elephants, to relieve his father besieged at Agrigentum (262-261); he reached the city's vicinity without mishap, but his army was routed by the Roman besiegers and nearly destroyed (summer?