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GISDGalveston Independent School District (Galveston, TX)
GISDGarland Independent School District
GISDGenesee Intermediate School District (Michigan)
GISDGeographic Information for Sustainable Development
GISDGainesville Independent School District (Gainesville, TX)
GISDGladewater Independent School District (Gladewater, TX)
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The community turned out to see the new RV-12 airplane taxi up to the terminal with Weyant at the controls and GISD Superintendent Dr.
rosea being listed in the "top 100" most destructive invasive species on the planet according to the Global Invasive Species Database (GISD, 2015).
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In its website, the GISD said the highly predatory mosquito fish eats the eggs of "economically desirable fish" and preys on and endangers rare indigenous fish and invertebrate species.
"School improvement plans tend to be very broad and vague," says JoAnn Pastor, GISD's former interim assistant superintendent, "so part of our strategy was to focus on specifics.
The Tech-Prep Consortium, consisting of GISD, Mott College and 21 LEAs, has also awarded a $10,000 grant for interdisciplinary-curriculum development and dissemination throughout the AMTEC consortium.
The Garland Independent School District (GISD) received notification at this time.
Barclays' global infrastructure and service delivery (GISD) unit is expecting to move a number of its jobs to India, Hungary and Singapore.
Those who want a taste of the rainbow classroom of the future should come on down to the Garland Independent School District (GISD) in Texas, suggests Career and Technical Education director Philip Gilbreath.
The bank said that it is planning to cut about 1,800 IT posts in the UK as part of plans to create centrally managed technology 'centres of excellence.' The bank said that its global infrastructure and service delivery (GISD) roles would be scrapped in the UK and new jobs created in Hungary, India and Singapore over the next two years.