GISSAGeo-Information Society of South Africa
GISSAGrupo Industrial Saltillo SA (Spanish: Industrial Group Saltillo; Saltillo, Mexico)
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Castech is jointly owned by both GISSA and VAW Automotive Products, Bonn, Germany.
GISSA job is a catchphrase which haunts Bernard Hill (left) from the days when he played unemployed road worker Yosser Hughes in Boys From The Blackstuff.
DOWNHILL Pippa yesterday GISSA KISS A peck from Erik BROTHER With James
INTIMATE 3 One tourist gets up close PAT TRICK n Having a stroke GISSA ZKISS Whale gets smacker on the head TOUCHING 3MOMENTS Giants love getting close BLOWN ZAWAY Huge grey whale comes into view
SNACK TIME Chasing salmon as it takes to the air GISSA KISS Pair in 'cuddle' TOP TEAM Dolphin salute
GISSA LIFT Woman has car in her palm A LOT OF BOTTLE Tiny man strains under giant weight HOLD ON He has mate in his hand PUSHY PALS Friends look so small
PROUD Widow Kelly and troops LIFE-SAVER L Cpl Kyle Smith BRAVE DAD Warrant Officer Burney with Dawn and Jack COURAGE L Cpl David Timmins GISSA KISS Paul and fiancee Louise
GIVE US A CUDDLE Emotional Kate and Topshop's Sir Philip Green GISSA KISS David Walliams and James Corden share a moment
While she continues to progress in the snooty GISSA progress in the snooty world of dressage, her equestrian range is also rapidly blossoming.
GISSA KISS Lily lookalike Natasha, aka Bat for Lashes, and, below, Kasabian
LOCK AT ME Susan with new gear and hairdo yesterday GISSA KISS Fans from Alloa show their appreciation