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GISTGastrointestinal Stromal Tumor
GISTGwangju Institute of Science and Technology (Korea)
GISTGeneralized Search Trees
GISTGeneral Internet Signaling Transport
GISTGeneralized Search Tree
GISTGeographic Information Support Team (community of interest of humanitarian geospatial experts)
GISTGlobal Information Systems Technology
GISTGirls Into Science and Technology
GISTGeneric Information Server Toolkit
GISTGeorgia Interactive Statewide Telecommunications
GISTGeographic Information System Technician
GISTGNSS In-Service Test (GPS)
GISTGraphic Intelligence Support Terminal
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Approximately 5% of all GIST cases arise in the rectum,[17],[18],[19] and it has been reported that rectal GIST had higher rates of metastatic potential before imatinib was introduced to clinical practice.
A biopsy sample of the lesion was analyzed by histologic and immunohistochemical methods and identified as GIST (Fig.
Imatinib was shown to inhibit proliferation of GIST cells with KIT mutations.
5] The most common clinical presentation of GIST is GI bleeding (may be acute or chronic) related to mucosal erosion in approximately 50% of the cases.
Ndungu credits GIST with giving him great global and local exposure, but he's also persistent: He spends most of his time traveling to villages throughout Kenya demonstrating the product and making direct sales.
Gist and Starbucks have created a supply chain transformation that places the Starbucks customer experience firmly at its centre.
Logistics specialists Gist use their expertise in warehousing and distribution to work with their customers.
What's exciting about this work is that in randomized trials comparing gist reasoning training to memory training, we found that it was not learning new information that engaged widespread brain networks and elevated cognitive performance, but rather actually deeper processing of information and using that information in new ways that augmented brain performance," the lead author of the paper said.
2) Perhaps, the most critical development that distinguished GIST as a unique clinical entity was the discovery of c-kit proto-oncogene gain-of-function mutations in these tumors by Hirota and collegues in 1998.
We present the case of a small intestinal GIST in a 40-year-old man with associated giant liver tumor, exclusively presented with fever.