GISciGeographic Information Science
GISciGIS (Geographic Information Systems) Certification Institute (Des Plaines, IL)
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The Triad made a bold move by allowing an individual with an unrelated major to earn points towards GISCI certification.
Before the GISCI program, retaining documentation for past meetings was unnecessary.
GISCI requires that a resume be submitted that goes into exhaustive detail about the duties and duration of all positions claimed.
GISCI performs employement verification checks to determine accuracy.
GISCI wants GISPs to stay involved after initial certification is earned.
While URISA was developing the GISCI Certification Program, a subcommittee headed by Will Craig, GISP was developing the Code of Ethics for GIS Professionals.
The two Codes are important because they add teeth and credibility to the GISCI program.
The original idea was to have GISCI be a branch of URISA.
GISCI was a revenue-neutral 501(c)(6) non-profit and was created for two separate and expressed reasons.
GISCI knew it would be limited in scope if it only went after state and local government GIS professionals.
They make sure GISCI is meeting the needs of their subsection of the geospatial community.
The GISCI Certification Program was not developed overnight.