GITIMGovernment Information Technology Infrastructure Management
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Kramecyne is a potent inhibitor of inOS, COX-2, NO, TNF-[alpha], and IL-6 production at the transcriptional level in LPS-stimulated macrophages, which gives anti-inflammatory properties by involving ionic interchange of cell [29], and perhaps this feature is involved in the mechanism that causes the death of Giardia trophozoites in a similar way to the mechanism of omeprazole, which has been demonstrated to have potential for inhibiting giardial glycolytic enzyme triosephosphate isomerase (GiTIM) in a species-specific manner, with a deleterious effect only when targeting Cys 222 and killing Giardia trophozoites [30].
Ayrica ozellikle okul cagi ile birlikte zaman zaman salginlar yaptigi ve e gitim ve saglik sistemi ve calisan anne-babalar acisindan ekonomik kayba yol actigi bilinmektedir.