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GITISGraduate Institute of Translation and Interpretation Studies (Taipei, Taiwan)
GITISGovernment Integrated Technical Information System
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I visited Krymov's GITIS class in April '03, seven months after he started teaching design.
It also proved his unusual efforts at GITIS had paid off.
Young talents were sent to Russian schools like the prestigious GITIS (Russian Academy of Theatre Art) to train as directors and pedagogues.
Following her retirement from the stage in 1967, Struchkova taught in the choreographer's faculty at GITIS (The Theatrical Institute of the Arts), and in 1981 she founded the Moscow ballet magazine, Ballet, which she edited and wrote for until 1995.
A graduate of the Institute of Culture in Perm and of GITIS (the state theatrical and dance institute) in Moscow, he formed his first modern group, Impulse, in 1981, following it six years later with Experiment.
Fadeyechev graduated from the Moscow School of Choreography in 1978 in the class of Alexander Prokofiev, along with Andris Liepa and Irek Mukhamedov, and in 1988 received his diploma from GITIS as a pedagogue and ballet master.