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GITISGraduate Institute of Translation and Interpretation Studies (Taipei, Taiwan)
GITISGovernment Integrated Technical Information System
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Table 5 Costs of Federal Paid Family and Medical Leave Programs Types of Max Leave Wage Waiting Duration Replacement Max Weekly Period Leave (weeks) Rate (%) Benefits (weeks) Parental 8 70 600 1 Parental 8 70 600 1 All three 12 66 1,000 1 All three 12 66 1,000 1 Types of Work Total Cost (%) Leave Requirement Take-Up Parental FMLA High-end 10,500,000,000 Parental FMLA Low-end 8,300,000,000 All three None Low-end 28,600,000,000 All three None High-end 62,800,000,000 Types of Plan Parameters Leave Modeled After: Parental AEI-Brookings Working Parental Group Compromise Plan All three All three FAMILY Act Source: Authors' estimates based on the Paid Family and Medical Leave Cost Model (PFL-CM) developed by Ben Gitis,
"So far, the gig economy is not reshaping the labor force in a dramatic way," concludes American Action Forum's Gitis. Full-time positions remain the dominant hiring model, but new options are emerging for those who want to pick up a part-time gig, he and others say.
Optional studies include stints at the Russian University of Theatre Arts (GITIS) in Moscow and in Bali to learn Eastern theatre traditions.
Children presented with fever and altered con- sciousness with or without fits, MP positive on smear or patients with strong clinical suspicion of cerebral malaria who responded to antimalarial therapy were included in the study.Patients with encephalopathy due to other causes (like menin- gitis, encephalitis and poisoning) or patients re- ceiving multiple therapies (like meningitis and en- cephalitis treatment) along with antimalarial were excluded from the study.
Norm Gitis, the founder and CEO of CETR, has joined Bruker as Vice President and General Manager of the new Bruker Tribology & Mechanical Testing (TMT) business.
Director: Gitis Luksas Starring: Giedrius Kiela, Jevgenija Varencia and Jurate Onaityte Synopsis: His father was killed returning from WWI and a teenage best friend drowned in another accident.
A WOMAN has died from menin- gitis, health officials have confirmed.
Margarita's mum took her to the surgery with classic menin- gitis symptoms.
Tristan Anderson has a case of the flying gitis (GUY-tuhs) and he hopes no doctor will ever find a cure!
(40) Other researchers, such as Ben Gitis and Douglas Holtz-Eakin, have contemplated creating paid leave savings accounts to which individuals and their employers could make tax-deductible contributions, with low-income workers receiving federal assistance in making such deposits.