GITOGesellschaft für Industrielle Informationstechnik und Organisation (German: Society for Industrial Information Technology and Organization)
GITOAssociation of Greek Incoming Tour Operators (Athens, Greece)
GITOGovernment Information Technology Officers' Council (South Africa)
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Reportedly, Gito was drunk during the incident and he's now under the custody of the Talomo police.
En los documentos de la expulsion de Magallon el nombre hebreo Gento tiene un registro y es constante con y- en todas las demas menciones de Yento Acamel, Yento Caruch Perez, Yento Farag, Yento Gito, Yento Levi y Yento Oficial.
Atsushi Ishii, (1,2) Hiroshi Ihara, (1) Hiroyuki Ogata, (1,3) Masayuki Sayama, (1) Masao Gito, (1,3,4) Nobuyuki Murakami, (5) Tadayuki Ayabe, (5,6) Yuji Oto, (5) Asami Takahashi, (1,4) and Toshiro Nagai (7)
A cheeky Gito well on the road to recovery and, inset, when he was found in the box
A spokesman said: "Gito is in safe hands and receiving expert treatment and care at our centre in Ketapang.
Jose Maria Maestre Maestre, Eustaquio Sanchez Salor, Manuel Antonio Diaz Gito, Luis Charlo Brea, Pedro Juan Galan Sanchez.
It was hard to walk in ash which nearly reached my calves," Gito, who like many Indonesians goes by one name, told AFP.
start at 11.45am ludes with a buffet Sheards will providon the launch of the Time Information syguest speaker Tracy Consultancy, will gito the meaning of m can do for you and and how it can be u Contact 01484 5411 a short update e new PAYE Real ystem after which y Sheldon, of Brugive an introduction marketing, what it your business used effectively.
Con base en ese oficio, el pasado 20 de julio la OSDEMMAC gito una peticion a la directora de Desarrollo Sustentable, Adriana Sepulveda Mendoza, para que informara "por que OCESA dejo de dar mantenimiento a los 2 mil 500 metros cuadrados a los que esta obligado desde el 14 de abril de 2005".
The victory made it 22 wins out of 22 for the champions, clocking up a total of 689 points, Steffan Philips, Richard Sharp-Williams and Gito Griffiths adding to the tally.
As the elder statesman of the Burundian film industry, whose 1992 debut, "Gito, l'ingrat" ("Gito, the Ungrateful"), remains this country's first and only feature film, the director is using his influence abroad to give a boost to his young countrymen.
KOVIP--Product configuration Software and Services for Virtual Products, GITO Verlag, Berlin.