GITRLGlucocorticoid-Induced TNF (Tumor Necrosis Factor) Receptor Ligand
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The Mann-Whitney rank sum test or Kruskal-Wallis tests were used to compare sGITR and GITRL levels.
Primary SS Patients Showed Higher Serum GITRL and sGITR Levels Than Healthy Controls.
Serum GITRL and sGITR Levels Were Markedly Higher in Primary SS Patients with Extraglandular Manifestations.
Elevated Serum GITRL and sGITR Levels Were Associated with Increased Foci Index (FI) in Primary SS Patients.
Correlation of Serum GITRL and sGITR Levels with Other Laboratory Observations.
High Expression of GITRL and GITR in the Labial Salivary Glands (LSGs) from Primary SS Patients.
In this study, we determined the serum levels of sGITR and GITRL in pSS patients and further revealed the positive correlation of their expression levels with IgG and ESR, which were in association with disease severity of pSS.
In accordance, GITR triggering by GITRL or anti GITR antibody exerted an increased inflammatory response [15-17, 22-24].
In this study, we have demonstrated a close correlation of serum elevated GITRL and sGITR with the increased degree of lymphocytic infiltration in patients with pSS.
Further investigations on the systemic and localized effects of GITR and GITRL in pSS may facilitate the development of targeting this molecule pathway for the treatment of pSS.