GITSAGovernment in the Sunshine Act
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capture, the enactment of GITSA would "go a long way toward
than that, a Senate committee report announced, GITSA would
Laws such as FACA and GITSA, which require agencies to open certain
The historical development of GITSA is, if anything, even more
which are broader in scope than GITSA and carry stricter penalties for
(152) As with FACA and GITSA, experience has subverted expectations.
GITSA, and the APA, the National Security Agency runs riot.
doing away with transparency measures, perhaps including FACA and GITSA,
En este caso, el mismo es utilizado por los vecinos en conflicto y por GITSA, por lo cual se ha decidido respetar el concepto utilizado en contexto teniendo en cuenta que refleja un posicionamiento ideologico-politico respecto a la problematica analizada.