GITTGeriatric Interdisciplinary Team Training (healthcare)
GITTGastrointestinal Transit Time
GITTGrupo de Investigación en Terminología y Traducción (Universidad de Antioquia, Colombia)
GITTGlucose Insulin Tolerance Test
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Pertenece al Grupo de Investigacion GITT, UNIPLURI/VERSIDAD y Grupo de Excelencia ARTICA--COCREACION.
Operado por la auxiliar administrativa en el GITT, Escuela de Idiomas.
Lee, GITT co-chair and Infrastructure Strategy & Energy Partnerships, Hybrid / Electric Vehicles at Chrysler Group.
Yazoo Mills, with corporate offices in New Oxford, PA, USA, opened its second facility at 800 Gitts Run Road in Hanover, PA, on November 26, 2012.
The Gitts family plants more than 30,000 seedlings a year, and hybridizes anywhere from five to 15 new varieties seasonally.
When the Coast Guard became part of the new Homeland Security Department in March 2003, it said GITTS would be renamed DHS SPIRIT, standing for Security, Planning and Integrated Resources for Information Technology, and would become a department-wide vehicle.
Nicholas Gitts of Oregon's Swan Island Dahlias, for example, recommended the aptly named 'Bride to Be' for its snowy white blooms.
Founded in 2009 and based in Bangalore the IT capital of India, GITTS is in the business of IT services and content management.