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References in classic literature ?
I would lay a good wager that where they say in Italian piace you say in Spanish place, and where they say piu you say mas, and you translate su by arriba and giu by abajo."
Figaro giu!" sang the Count, jauntily tossing up the concertina at arm's length, and bowing to us, on one side of the instrument, with the airy grace and elegance of Figaro himself at twenty years of age.
I: 276-277) (8) [Un imperatore decreto per legge che se una donna commette adulterio essendo sposata, deve essere buttata giu da un monte alto senza misericordia alcuna.
The imagination can either be moved by a light that originates in heaven for its own sake ("nel ciel s'informa per se"), or by a will that acts for material or practical reasons ("per voler che giu lo scorge").
Gismonda, che in quel di per sua sciagura havea fato Guiscardo andare a ella, intro in zambra senza haverne cura lassando nel giardino ogni dongiella; sola richiusa apri la serratura che andava giu nela preditta cella, in zambra chiamava il suo Guiscardo senza haversi dintorno alcun risguardo.
International leading brands such as Barudan, Da Kong, GOLD FAI, HEBBECKER, Richpeace, Taiwan Giu Chun, Taiwan QuinXin, TAKATORI, Van Su Loi, and among others will showcase their technology to the Vietnamese market.
Bob DeWitt, Vice Chairman, CEO and President of GIU Investment Advisers, testified on NAA/NMHC's behalf.
Song I Giu, Director- General of West Asian and North African Affairs in the Chinese Foreign Ministry reasserted his country's will to deepen friendship relations with Tunisia, boost bilateral co- operation and diversify its fields in service of mutual interests.
De fato, em um numero grande de escritas, o nome ou parte do nome de todas as letras podia ser detectado na pronuncia da palavra (e.g., EI para chefe, UPA para chupeta, GIU para gemido, ZU para zebu, OA para roca, BU para berco, HVA para gaveta).
The authors are software specialists and founding members of a software development training consultancy, and they have designed this manual for the JavaFX platform for web developers and GIU designers who need to collaborate on Java scripts.