GIUEGovernment Initiated Unannounced Exercise (US Coast Guard)
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Echoing the plays of Plautus and Terence, that typically end with actors calling for a round of applause ('Plaudite'), (56) The First Part has all the characters onstage agreeing that the play's bitter conclusion reflects contempt for learning in the wider world, and asking all the discontented scholars watching to 'giue vs a Plaudite' (5.3.1571).
"Thinkest thou, that I can not now pray to my Father, and he wil giue me more then twelue legions of Angels?" (Matt.
Though he says his motive was "to giue the audience some content," in other words, Taylor must have known that their support, however improbable, remained the only way he could redeem his investment in the enterprise--just as Fennor himself may have known it at the Fortune, when in Kendall's absence he did the very same thing, and "stept vpon the Stage ...
The heart commaunds, the members execute; So they to vs, not we to them giue way.
For the dutie of Prince and people are reciprocall: and though no man will or can excuse a people, or iustifie their disobedience (their obedience being of absolute necessitie) yet there may be causes to prouoke them to disobedience, which all wise Princes haue euer shunned carefully; desiring to giue them contentment; though in giuing it, they crost their owne iudgements" (33).
So, in 1622, in another kind of human will, John Jane, a sailor, is a man of his age when he bequeaths 30 shillings to one colleague on his ship The Charles, and then states: 'Alsoe I giue vnto John Betchered and Nicholas Johnson both belonging to the said shipp one Civet cat equally betweene them'.
as you haue bene taught, calling them el, em, en, er: but giue them the same soundes you find in their portraytures, without sounding of any vowell before them" (Hart 1570:231, 240).
Loue then is no other thing, but, To will good to some one, not for our owne priuate interest, but for the love of himselfe; procuring with all our power what we think may bee profitable for him, or may giue him content.
Press 1962) (1606) ("[W]hereas the prince or people themfelues, in whome the Soueraigntie refteh, are to giue account vnto none, but to the immortall God alone.").
euerye offyce at court hath eyther a Byble, or the bookes of the acts and Monumentes of the Church of Englande or both, beside some hystoryes and Chronicles lying therin, for the exercise of such as come into the same: whereby the straunger that entereth into the Courte of Englande vpon the sodeine, shall rather imagine himselfe to come into some publicke schoole of ye vniuersities, where many giue eare to one that readeth vnto them, then into a Princes Pallace.
The book's title is the familiar phrase uttered by Caliban while assuring the frightened Stephano and Trinculo that the sounds they hear are only "noyses, / Sounds, and sweet aires, that giue delight and hurt not" (The Tempest 3.2.148-49).
Dearly beloued, auenge not your selues, but giue place vnto wrath: for it is written, vengeance is mine: I will repaye, saith the Lord".