GIUEGovernment Initiated Unannounced Exercise (US Coast Guard)
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Enter 2 Villaines to them Vortiger seemeing to solisitt them giues them gold, then sweares them Exit Vortiger Enter to them Constantius in priuate meditation, they rudely Come to him strike downe his booke and draw there swordes vpon him he fairely spredds his armes, and yeilds to there furye, at which they seeme to be ouer come with pittye, Butt lookeing vpon the gold kills him as hee turns his back and hurry away his body.
54) Here he refers to Psalm 82:6, a passage James draws upon on many subsequent occasions - the sonnet beginning Basilikon Doron, for instance, opens "God giues not Kings the stile of Gods in vaine, / For on his Throne his Scepter doe they swey.
And therefore (while life giues leaue) I will send warning to my olde consorts, which haue hued as loosely as my selfe, albeit weaknesse will scarse suffer me to write, yet to my fellow Schollers about this Cittie, will I direct these few insuing lines.