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this holy womman Sara at the day of dom schal dampnen the pristis of the Newe Testament that givis heem to pleyes, reversen hir holy maners aprovyd by God and al holiy chirche; therfore sore aughten pristis to be aschamyd that reversen this gode holy womman and the precious body of Crist that they treytyn in ther hondis, the whiche body never gaf him to pley but to alle siche thing as is most contrarious to pley, as is penaunce and suffring of persecution.
Sir Isodor, whose slumbering and lack of authority over his parishioner enable the merchant to obtain the host, resembles those priests described in the Tretise who 'givis heem to pleyes' and who 'reversen ...
Subtracting this remainder from the original 18-digit number and adding 1 givis 123456787654321431 as the required encoded number.